TimeToSchool is all about creating a platform from where Students, parents and teachers can all be interlinked with the concerned materials to realize the full potential of education. Through this, schools which admit good number of wards every academic year can manage the workload without much fuss as well as manage data of all kinds with utmost ease and precision. Primarily, a collaborative work ethic from students, parents and faculty will create a more holistic approach towards education and benefit each of the trio involved here.

                                 The cornerstone towards starting this product was because, we felt there is a bit of tweaking that needs to be done with our education system. Our desired product design can incorporate a more revolutionized education system which will benefit our nation in the years to come. It also brings in parents’ contribution to making their ward well-equipped to the demands of modern world as well as creating a friendly atmosphere both at home and with the teachers at school.

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Web-based maintenance of details of students,parents, and teachers that is complemented by a versatile “Search” option. Easy access to data via the option of exporting it to Excel. Management can access the database globally via internet.


Access to schools for sending SMS to parents and staff.Options for sending SMS specific to parents of an individual, group, class, department, or even whole school.Teachers and staff can also be notified using this feature.


Similar to SMS, schools can also send e-mail to parents and teachers. Easy to understand and simple UI designed for any user with basic computer knowledge.


Offers a simple and easy solution for marking and maintaining attendance online. Instant notification via SMS of any absenteeism to parents. Provides a consolidated view of overall presence of students through versatile export options.


Marks, rank/grade can be maintained online. Parents can be notified via SMS and e-mail. Parents can view the progress report card by accessing the online platform.


On-line maintenance and planning of exam schedule. Notifications on exam timetable can be sent to parents through SMS and e-mails. Online access for parents to view exam timetable of their ward.


Timetable can be maintained online. System-driven teachers’ timetable that is based on students’ timetable along with export functionality. Simple user interface which can be understood by any user with basic computer knowledge.


Automatic reports on teacher performance for management which will be based on the attendance, students’ performance, and syllabus coverage. Provides valuable pointers to teachers about their areas of improvement.


Automatic generation of pay slips (integrated with the teacher’s attendance).


Alerts about homework or any assignment can be sent through SMS and e-mail. Parents and students can log on to view the deadlines for their child’s homework and assignments. Even enables sharing assignment related documents online.


Access for schools to set goals to students and award the students with a certificate on successful completion of the same. A TimeToSchool “Student of the Month” (SoM) certificate can be generated for any student chosen by the school management.


Images of recent events/school activities can be posted online and shared with parents. Parents can be entreated to viewing embedded videos that are shared online.


An online platform for planning the route and mapping students. Schools will be able to alert parents about vehicle arrival and departure. Reminder alerts/notifications to school administration on FC and Insurance renewals.


Ledger software that can be operated offline aimed at maintaining schools’ income and expense data. Facility to generate monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports. This feature is provided as an offline software for security reasons.


Acts as an interaction platform for parents and teachers. A web-based medium of communication means reduction the virtual distance between parents and teachers and in turn increases the bondage. This platform enables fixing appointments which aids to prevent waiting in queues or having unplanned appointments.


An online platform that serves as a channel via which students can share their thoughts. Includes an online discussion forum for students that will help teachers to understand their students better. This platform inspires students to express themselves on general topics.


Opportunities for both students and parents for providing valuable feedbacks. Schools can self-evaluate on their strengths and weaknesses based on the feedback received and act accordingly.


Provides a platform for online maintenance of syllabus information. Parents and school management can access this section for viewing syllabus coverage and teachers’ progress.Also aids teachers in planning their work and tracking their progress.


Online access of books to students that helps to improve and increase the students’ reading habits. This platform is helpful for students in terms of planning their studies based on the availability of books.


Access for parents to apply for leave using the online platform. Access for approval of leaves by class teacher or any teacher/authorized person per the school norms.


Maintenance of an online record of attendance for teachers. Also has the option to auto-generate memos on frequent late attendance.